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Jilian Heldt - Co-Owner and CFO

Jessica Fick - Co-Owner and Assistant Director

Noelle Josoff - Co-Owner and Director 


About the owners

Justin and Jilian Heldt have owned and operated Jilian’s Produce for the last seven years, located on 156th and Fort. Justin is a Yutan alumni, and his family has farmed in the community for many years. Jilian holds a cosmetology license and sees clients when she isn’t selling produce. She also spent her late teen years and early twenties nannying her nieces and nephews and has experience working in a daycare. Justin and Jilian have four children, all six and under. 


Todd and Jessica Fick farm and raise goats outside of Ashland. Todd farms row crops and hay. He is a second-generation Mead alumni. Jessica holds a degree in human relations and spent six summers working as a nanny. Before staying home with her first child she worked at the Ashland elementary school as a para. For the last three years, she worked as a virtual assistant. Todd and Jessica have three children, ages six and under. 


Noelle Josoff holds a degree in early childhood education. She is a Yutan alumni, and her family has been a part of the community for many years. Noelle has nannied for the Heldt family for the last two years. She also has experience managing Jilian’s Produce and aiding in day-to-day business tasks. Noelle will use her child care and business management skills to serve as the daycare director and business manager. 


We, the owners of Homegrown Enrichment Center, are parents/caregivers of children and know the importance of quality daycare, where parents trust their children are in loving, caring hands. We believe that a daycare center will help stimulate the Saunders County economy by providing local jobs and dependable child care for parents who work outside the home.

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